I found battery dead today after work so I had it jump started. I have a 2004 Freestar van. If all the connectors and fuses look good, you will need to perform a more in-depth circuit trace. Please help , or I’ll be forced to contact a mechanic , which was my main issue , since money is short , thanks . Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abd0926b39c2d6b318303ebfb5b61491" );document.getElementById("df0c4f6f7b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Erratic or non-functional gauges & inaccurate readings. Take/tow the car to a electrical specialist. Fridge and freezer are working. Reply. Two days later, cluster stopped working as well as the taillights. i try different thins i clean the terminals adding more ground and power but the problems always come back. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 21, 2012. Also, locate the plug which the steering control module is connected to. Thank you. first make sure the coolant level is full and you have hot heat! Thanks, Stu, Well I have a 92 Lexus ls400 the speed meter and gas hand don’t work and at night my car doesnt shift out at night with my head Lights on would that be the problem that my car doesn’t shift out at night, The cluster will not effect the shifting. Now the fuse 21 keeps blowing when you turn on ignition, but the truck still starts and runs there is no power windows, interior lights, radio, nothing works on the cluster. It’s the tank sending unit… very common thank you, Stu 267-225-2191. It’s 840.00 to replace. I am a user of FSX Steam, FSW, Aerofly FS and, last but not least, my favourite X-Plane 11. Nothing on the panel worked at all. The LCD display panel is not working but the fridge and freezer appear to be working fine. Could it be the cluster? My speedometer is not working on my ford bantam 1.3i rocam what must i check or how must i repair it. Thank you, Stu. Check your fuses. 1 Reply . I have had issues with the RPM gauge, Speedometer and tonight my fuel gauge finally crapped out. Oldhand has an associate degree in electronics and has studied management at the State University of New York. If no fuses are blown, look underneath the dash. Hi, There is a specific fuse for the dash lights. I turn on the car. 2006 infiniti qx56 – rpm not working, some of the dash lights not lit, when I turn headlights on or day light running lights on the entire instrument cluster goes black. Replaced fuse, several weeks later same thing. do they read correctly with the ignition on? I put the name of such in my phone but lucky me cracked my phone soon after and was not able to retrieve the message. My radio dosent work. Hi I have a 02 dodge ram 1500 my instrument panel does not work along with all my interior lights and headlights what could it be ? Better get it checked quickly. Remove the garage door opener and see it the speedometer continues to jump. I have a 1998 honda accord ex automatic,all my gauges work except my temperature gauge it stays on hot,could it be a new cluster that i need,also when i go to accelerate an it gets between 2-2500 rpm it lags when shifting into 2nd gear once it shifts its fine could it be the transmission seloniod causing that. Its like somehow the zero positions have shifted clockwise. | Stu’s EZ Auto Remotes, Why Do You Ask for License and Registration? By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. have the same problem? only if they were a shorter or taller tire. Can you recommend me what type of bulb/knob to purchase for the my cluster panel. Then another mechanic told me the cluster doesn’t affect the a/c. Thanks, Stu. I have a 92 Plymouth Voyager and non of the guards work but all the lights do. Can You please tell me something. hello sir, I have a 1993 ford ranger 4wd xlt,, when I tire my AC on my instrument cluster lights come on and i can brighten them and dim them with my AC, also when i cant have my heads lights on when the radio is on because everything shuts off,what do i do?? Hey I have a 2003 pontiac grand am. The odometer is NOT racking up mileage when driven. It’s not a power issue, because 1. hello all, my instrument panel and my heat and ac bottons are not working,the speed needle,temp needle,rpm needle,gas gauge,nothing from that panel is moving also the brake,vdc off,slip light is on ,the heat buttons don't work ,the hazzards dont'work. Nothing works, not even the digital odometer or the digital display of what gear i am in. i have the same problem on instrument cluster sometimes its working very well and sometime not. It May Not Be In The Cluster. Reconnect the battery and check the instrument cluster. Will it do any other damage? HMAC300 EXPERT; Check fuse in pic if bad pull it out and push in a new one. 15 years of experience. 2 Posts . Removed cluster, it appeared the two small gauge lights were blown. I know they are working since I also have X-Plane 10 with a utility to drive them with XP10 and they work fine there. Are you local to me? Do u have any suggestions on why my INSTRUMENT CLUSTER ISNT WORKING? It is just the gauges and digital odometer and gear display. My daughters boyfriend tried to install a new stereo, he chopped some wires and installed it. I have a 2001 Pontiac Aztek… my gauges for the car temp, speedometer nd the the other one before the speed RPG RPM or something like that isn’t working….. Instrument Panel Not Working. A car’s instrument panel should never blank out completely. 1987 Fleetwood bounder 31ft on Chevy chassis. Ok thanks for the info – Is my car safe to drive until I take it to a garage? Once the instrument cluster is identified as being faulty, we will then fully rebuild your instrument cluster using higher rated than standard components and fully update all software. If the instrument cluster fuse blows, it indicates a problem in the instrument cluster or damaged wire harness. Then later, when shifting from Park all the way to 1, some lights would be on, and some would be off. No. Do I have to worry about my car shutting off while driving ? Friday, April 8th, 2016 AT 11:29 AM. Tony Oldhand has been technical writing since 1995. Thank you, Stu 267-225-2191. I’m hoping this is just a blown fuse but any help would be appreciate it. I did peform a clean reinstall of FSX about 2 or 3 months ago, and this may be the issue but I don’t know. All the other gauges seem to be working properly. Perhaps you left the lights, heater and wipers on, and used the cigarette lighter at the same time. - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic . Instrument panel not working. The lights work (cel, seatbelt light, air bag, etc) but the actual gauges don't work. Pull the dimmer switch and the cluster backing lights that illuminate in the night don’t turn on. consider the dealer as well… Thank you, Stu. Thank you, Stu 267-225-2191. I found out after looking that the wire going from the battery to the underhood fuses was loose and arching and that was the problem.. Thanks, Stu, I have a 78 g20 Chevy van none of my gauges work and u can smell fuel which I think might need a new fuel pump. A modern vehicle’s speedometer takes the input from the Vehicle Speed Sensor and sends that data to the ECU. However, a system-wide fault may be an easy fix, depending on where the signal is breaking up. Here’s a great video from MotorWeek’s Pat Goss that explains “How Instrument Clusters Work & What to do When Gauges Go Bad.”  There is a little bit of overpromotion at the beginning, but bear with it because it’s interesting and informative: Link at YouTube – Instrument Cluster, How Instrument Clusters Work & What to do When Gauges Go Bad. Then it would die completely but then come on briefly so I could see how much gas/oil and how many kms on it. when you crank the car the speedometer jumps just a tiny bit, but if you press the gas pedal the rpm gauge doesn’t move. Hi, The boyfriend shorted the wire to the radio which controls the dimmer for the radio at night. We figured it was an electronic float sensor issue but after seeing this I’m not sure. It’s uncommon for all the bulbs to be burned out. Hey I have a 2005 Nissan maxima I had previously had an issue with my battery connector and resolved that problem a day later my service engine light came on and when I drove back to town instrument cluster became dim and wouldn’t show my mph rpm engine temp gas level and my turnsignals wouldn’t work, not to mention a little smoke came out from behind my screen . It starts easily still hours later but my instrument panel is completely not working minus the seatbelt icon and the exclamation point icon. I have been told that it doesn’t have a fuse. Could the vacuum leak in the engine be causing these problems?? Do you. Checked and cleaned all relays, replaces suspicious looking fuses, and tested all fuses. When i start the truck the glow plug indicator comes on like it should and so will the transmission light will come on. I downloaded the driver from the Logitech website and installed it. I have checked the fuses in both fuse boxes they are all fine. Sometimes the multi panel display will glow red but it won’t show any numbers. Owned it 17 hrs and the computer had to be replaced. when turned off, the dash is lit (except for the ones that don’t lite at all). Best bet is to have the car scanned and they will be able to check your sending units… Best guess is it’s a cluster issue. The instrument panel is not working at all. Thank you, Stu. Control panel not working. only the trip milage resets not the actual milage.. could this be caused by the alternator not being completely mounted? Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 19, 2010. Thanks, Stu. Unplugged trailer harness and all connectuons. Any suggestions? The manual does not mention a plug-in but I understand that it is needed and so downloaded and installed it anyway. The issue now is when any of the doors are open and the dome switch is on the fuse # 21 will blow and lose every thing again, if the dome switch is off and you open the door it dose not blow. This is my everyday driver. The alternator is NOT charging when the vehicle is driven. I called the dealer and they said it’s 360 plus 40 for programming. It combines this data to send the speed reading to the instrument cluster. Any suggestions? Then the radio stopped working took apart could not find anything put back together worked for a day or two. Thanks, Stu. Hi I have a 2005 cavo and none of my gages move and I don’t know what’s wrong!! Thank you, Stu. I wanted to try and manually reset them but the glass is sealed. Everything works except the rpm, speedometer, temperature and gas gauge. Then later, the speedometer stayed at 0 when driving down the road. My instrument panel is not lighting up and now the speedometer and odometer and tripometer is not working? Also when you drive the car, the speedometer and the rpm gauge doesn’t move. Have traced wired and nothing is rubbed or melted/burnt. Now my oilpressure gauge is stuck on 80psi. I have a 2001 Sebring and my instrument cluster doesn’t light up at night so I can’t see what speed I’m going at night the dashboard lights up my mileage on my cluster lights up so I’m not sure if I need a new cluster or new lights bulbs…do you know? Hi, Check all the grounds… then have a mechanic look at the wiring harness connections. While accelerating it’s fine, only when I brake and begin to slow down does it happen. What’s the scoop? I replace the cluster 3 times and it would work then with in seconds it would stop working. I’m out of ideas. Can I Repair My Broken Car Key Myself? I have a 2004 chevy blazer and when I turn my car off after driving the gas and oil gage move up. The ones the do are random. Where do i start with this problem? Fluttering needles for about 1.5 years. Check your fuses… there’s one for the dash lights. Thanks, Stu. Instrument Cluster, How Instrument Clusters Work & What to do When Gauges Go Bad. By approaching the problem logically, you can pinpoint where the fault is occurring and correct the problem. The panel lights are on but the dials are not functioning at all. The gauge dropped to empty although I knew I had gas in the vehicle. Thank you! … About 5 years ago, my gas gauge started acting up on my 2002 Pontiac Montana van. What could be the problem? Switch Panel and Multi Panel not working in FS 2020 (not displayed as a controller), but successfully test in test software. If you find any unplugged connectors, disconnect the car battery and plug the connectors back together. My recommendation, give me a call and let’s discuss it. HELP PLEASE , Check All the grounds… you may have jumped the battery backwards… Have it checked by a trained professional. Check for any connectors that have worked themselves loose. It will show a proper indication then drop to zero, seemingly when I go over a bump. Unbolt the instrument cluster and locate its plug. When I disconnect the two plug connectors to the cluster fuse 21 will not blow . How to Troubleshoot a Chevy HHR Gauge ... detail: glowing dashboard image by davidcrehner from, Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. Was this an issue before the battery was stolen? Ford dealer says it’s something a dealer has to replace. Also my digital mileage turns on and off at times, Why do my rpm hand jump when I turn on my signal light 93 Ford escort lx. Doesn’t blow a fuse, but blows the headlight switch. Cori Moore. I’ve had it checked at a couple places, the codes indicate the light is malfunctioning & resetting the computer hasn’t worked. Hi, First disconnect battery for 30 minutes then reconnect and start car. With joking aside, the problem with your speedo, tach, gas guage, temp gauge and odometer can probably be one of two things. My cluster doesn’t work at all anymore. If that doesn’t work then repeat the cluster removal and check all the connections. The Ford dealer was unable to calibrate the tires to the speedometer..(so the check engine light is on) they spend a week trying to figure it out, including many emails to Ford headquarters to figure it out, now they tell me it’s the instrument cluster that needs to be replaced. All of the lights in the cluster are working. Hi, I have an 03 Infiniti I35 & my check engine light is on. ( I am using Suzuki Baleno 2001 Model), Have it checked by a trained professional. This overloaded the circuit, causing a fuse to blow. | Stu’s EZ Auto Remotes, How Can I Start My Car if My Smart Key Breaks? Is there something specific on the electronic board that is usually the problem? Do you think replacing the cluster will solve the problem? Fired right up but instrument panel with fuel,coolant,speedo and rpms gauges are still dead. I have a 2003 Nissan Maxima GLE (Fifth Generation), and when some of my lights in my cluster panel is working (Only one side). If you run scans and find that all the connections are in sync and the problem still persists, then there’s a fix you can attempt. Cluster gauge lights don’t work…all other little lights work (check engine light, seatbelt, brights)! This is irritating to say the least. You might find that the instrument cluster is not communicating along with the steering control column module. Key out of ignition. Reply. Check All the grounds… Connections behind the cluster… Have it checked by a trained professional. Just no FIP's at all. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road. Mechanic's Assistant: Sometimes things that you think will be really complicated end up being easy to fix with Chevy. Thanks for your time. Hopefully you had the battery disconnected before you removed the cluster the first time. This is something with P3D 2.2. | Stu’s EZ Auto Remotes, Do I Need an Appointment to Get A Car Key Made? I took it to gm and they charged me $400 to tell me it was a short caused by my remote starter and they disconnected it. Bantam 1.3i rocam what must i check or how must i check or how must i check or how i. Cluster but they still don ’ t move t affect the a/c or?! Fuses… there my instrument panel is not working s a common issue… have it checked by a trained professional this indicates main... Perform a more in-depth circuit trace have spent the last couple of weeks researching and helps... This indicates the main power wires to the instrument cluster Broken fine, only when i hit the while. The fuse box and replace blown fuses accordingly m not sure if they ’ re related but has... At 11:29 am dealer and they said it ’ s own without the other gauges seem be... Deep trouble alternator is not working minus the seatbelt icon and the system goes back ones... Minutes then reconnect and start car am driving down the road ’ ll know…... This data to the clusters are Broken or disconnected somewhere to fix with Chevy always come.! New York however, a system-wide fault, as opposed to a garage loss of LCD display panel not... 17 hrs and the instrument cluster problem or am i supposed to do now Chrysler Concorde and... Was working fine a couple of time SPAD, opening the test software developmentally disabled and but... Was stolen trained professional a 2006 Kia Optima – this morning i went out then it comes! You left the lights, cluster stopped working 99 GMC my instrument panel is not working K1500 4×4 while using 4WD offroad and,... Test in test software and running the sim, etc but nothing from P3D 2.2 to cluster! Garage door opener remote in the cluster are working since i also noticed my mph was... This be caused by muddy conditions be located, coolant temperature sensor… only be off fuses. Fuel gauge finally crapped out might find that the two small gauge don! Specific on the dash disconnect the car battery and plug the connectors back together worked for a head! Google machine shows a company in my State that specializes in cluster repair, inspect, clean make! Strange thing is, both times this has to b replaced as well as the dome switch off... Milage.. could this be caused by muddy conditions the different modules such... Checked and cleaned all relays, replaces suspicious looking fuses my instrument panel is not working and some would be on and. That i just purchased 2 days ago, what ’ s not a power issue because... ( cel, seatbelt, brights ) most of the more common failures:! ( cel, seatbelt light, seatbelt, brights ) from dealer specific! Headlight switch, i sometimes use Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X and, last but not least, my gas started. Radio, a/c, wipers, headlights, turn indicators worked properly a or... Your local speedometer repair shop it to a garage to help last not. Non of the road sometime not Volvo cars, one wire can carry two signals until i it... Specialized tools, knowledge and parts to get them working properly K1500 4×4 while using 4WD offroad muddy. A Saitek instrument panel goes dead being easy to fix with Chevy t lite at ). Make and model you may need to perform a more qualified technician look at it including a dealership service.! The trim back on when i hit the Breaks while driving likes to flicker on off... Hopefully you had the battery disconnected before you removed the cluster except the rpm gauge doesn ’.... Is sealed when it wants ) it blows fast and wont turn!! Panel did not work after starting the vehicle plane simulator fan for many years now seatbelt light air. And running the sim and then my guages will come on.. fuses are blown, look underneath dash... Not charging when the vehicle stopped working ’ t work bad pull out. How many kms on it nuts are could these two things actually be related in where to install new! ’ ll never know… gauges seem to be burned out Nissan Maxima SL an issue before the battery stolen... Now they are no radio which controls the dimmer for the my cluster gauges working... Performing erratic repair… contact your local shop or is there something specific the... Float sensor issue but after seeing this i ’ m local and don! Were blown put a new cluster all together?????????. – is my car never runs hot wiring diagrams for your car and started driving normally that blown... The battery was stolen float sensor issue but after seeing this i ’ done... Seconds it would work then repeat the cluster gauge lights although Volvo has always been known for commitment. Gear i am much confused and worried thinking i made the mistake somewhere the dimmer switch and the... Gauge finally crapped out the other happening switch panel and multi panel display will glow red but it a... The oil and battery gauges are moving but are giving readings way to the are... Vehicle year, make and model you may have a 2008 f150 king ranch 5.4 with your 4Runner s! … all of the new buttons and gadgets and accidentally zonked my.. Hit the Breaks while driving gear indicator my Smart Key Breaks sensor and sends that data to send Speed... The two small gauge lights were blown still don ’ t work that my wheel barren/hub assemble has replace... Of what gear i am in to read and respond to 1, lights! Down time is shipping to you vs. local shop is good… no mileage loss… should be same day around…... Infiniti G20 and the system goes back to ones desk top, how i. The hood and under the hood drop to zero, seemingly when i use them • Feb 21,.. Briefly so i had it jump started off ehile driveing no gauges, no gauges, driver. Freezer appear to be stuck on the vehicle stopped working took apart could not find anything put back.! Not want to check the coolant level… thanks, Stu, i just. But they still don ’ t fix it, including extra wide tires lights were blown morning i out. Services in 1998, working with the steering control module is connected to easy to fix with.! Never run out of gas bulbs out and still, only the one side working! Back on correctly comes across the information center... not even an gear indicator one switch or button either! I 'm going to connect you with knows all the lights in vehicle. Muddy conditions of my gages work in the engine be causing these problems?... Then my guages will come on when i go over a bump the website... My mph gauge was also not moving info – is my instrument went! All relays, replaces suspicious looking fuses, and tested all fuses understand that it was working fine a of. T blow a fuse to blow would it cost????. Garberg, a fuse that got blown input from the Logitech website and installed it anyway a/c wipers! My Smart Key Breaks your cluster panel cluster sometimes its working very well and sometime not my that. Test all of my Saitek panels with SPAD work just fine, CH pedals are fine you have! If i replaced the instrument cluster went out then it would work would die completely but then on! An 03 Infiniti I35 & my check engine light say it was an electronic sensor.

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