Ghaffari — This was my father's profession. The collection ceremony traditionally begins long before sunrise – to preserve the unique aroma of the flower. Rose and Rosewater Festival takes place every year from the second half of May to mid-June in the towns of Kashan and Qamsar. baking powder, granulated white sugar, ground clove, toasted walnuts and 10 … It is believed that Prophet Muhammad was very fond of using rosewater. This is what allows for the potency and high quality of the product. The Holy Ka'aba in Mecca, which is the most sacred mosque for the Islamic religion, is washed twice a year during the Haj season and Ramadan with the rose water of Qamsar. We call the method golabe do atishe, or double-fired rose water. Stories of travel and of people told through the objects they create. Gulkand in South Asia is a syrupy mashed rose mixture. Additionally, it is the hydrosol portion of the distillate of rose petals, a by-product of the production of rose oil for use in perfume. The annual festivals of Rose water are being held since 2500 years ago in spring season in different cities of Iran such as Qamsar and Niyasar in Kashan, Meymand in Shiraz and Laleh Zar in Kerman. In Iran, rose water is also added to tea, ice cream, cookies and other sweets in small quantities. Each month a new destination is introduced through a refined, celebratory lens Rose syrup is a syrup made from rose water, with sugar added. Effective skin tonic and clears blemishes, has a calming effect in acne and sunburns. Rose decoction is an effective gargle for ulcers in the mouth. In Iran, from ancient times people used to treat this beautiful flower with special admiration and respect. Iran Rose Harvest & Rosewater Festival Every year around the villages of Ghamsar & Niasar of Kashan, hundreds tons of roses are produced, distilled and turned into rosewater. A wide variety of iran rose water options are available to you, such as supply type, raw material. Rose water production has been a part of the culture for at least seven hundred years. The rose water from the Iranian village of Qamsar is double-fired in a distillation process known locally as golabe do atishe. offers 816 rose water iran products. This is what attracts tourists to Kashan, whilst historical monuments and architecture add extra popularity to the festival. People count the moments down to flower season. The journalist Maziar Bahari was blindfolded and interrogated for 4 months in Evin prison in Iran, while the only distinguishable feature about … Anyone in this country would know Qamsar as the city of fragrance and rose water. Rosewater is capable of giving the skin freshness and silky smoothness. The technology for producing rosewater and essential oil has remained almost unchanged for 2500 years of existence. Skin. Qamsar rose water is truly reputed in the world and in terms of quality, it is absolutely unrivaled. All the magic begins with harvesting. Storyline Based of a true story about a journalist who gets detained and brutally interrogated in prison for 118 days. The Rosewater Festival in Kashan and Qamsar is filled with bright colors, traditional dances and music, fragrant flowers and real hospitality of local residents. This is what comes as a surprise to some. Here is the process to a great rose water: Therefore we must pick the flowers in the morning. Even in countries around the world the city's reputation is widely known and respected. This 30ml bottle can be used as both beauty tonic and for culinary purposes. However, studies carried out by professors at the Tehran University claim that due to the natural and climatic conditions in the Qamsar fields, the flower has a higher concentration of the essence necessary to make the finest and most sought after rose water in the world. Close up of rose water being distilled by factory equipment. This 30ml bottle can be used as both beauty tonic and for culinary purposes. It is known for its potency and considered the finest rose water in the world. The roses are cultivated near Kashan, Iran by traditional farming and double-fired copper distillation methods, producing the highest quality rose water in the world. Rose water is used to give some types of Turkish delight (like Rahat lokum) with their distinctive flavors. Our product is high in demand and makes the living out of it successful, but it also makes sense from an environmental perspective. So fine in fact, that the holiest Islamic site in Mecca, The Ka'aba, is washed twice a year exclusively in the rose water. Rose is the recognized queen of flowers all over the world. American, British and Australian tourists require a travel guide to visit, but the sights, sounds and, during rose harvest season, the scents are sure not to disappoint. Ghaffari — In terms of quality, it is superior here. Synthetic essences or essential oils of other aromatic plants are sometimes added to this product to decrease production costs. 43. Today, he is both a rose water producer and a museum owner preserving the traditional methods of the local, unique, double-fired distillation process. Rosewater is an excellent anti-stress drug; it can strengthen the nervous system and help in the fight against insomnia. But since its extract has been exported from Damascus to Europe, it is also called by this name. For this reason, the rose is also known as the “flower of Muhammad.” In the Iranian traditional medicine since ancient times people have known about the healing properties of rosewater and oil. Rose water may have first been made by … The production of rosewater in Iran has a long history of more than 2500 years. Daily about tens of thousands of people travel to different villages to witness the traditional ceremony of rosewater making. The consumable part for the production of rosewater is the petals of the plant, and the active ingredients are tannin and various fatty acids. Harvested flowers are placed in copper pots with added water and then sent to an oven made of brick and cement or stones and mud. The ceremony happens in many cities in Iran, but the most famous one is the Kashan rose water festival. Ghaffari —There are a wide variety of uses. Today we will tell you how Iranians produce rose water, how they use it in medecine, and will also share many useful properties that this flower miracle possesses. Rose-water (Gulab) is taken from a flower named Damask Rose, which is a kind of rose and has been planted in ancient times in Iran. Persian Iced Tea West of Persia. Kashan is an ancient desert oasis town with a rich history of carpet weaving and other arts presented within a lively main bazaar in a city center full of well preserved, stunning examples of Persian architecture. The rose water comes from the flower of Mohammadi or "Rose Gold". Golabgiri (taking damask rose water) is a festival taking place every year from mid-May to mid-June. This work isdone with passionand enthusiasm. Today, he is both a rose water producer and a museum owner preserving the traditional methods of the local, unique, double-fired distillation process. This pure Persian Rose Water was made from Mohammadi roses, the local name for Rosa x damascena. Just travelling around Iran the scent of roses is in many major cities. And guests come, and the flower season creates a rare sense of festivity, warmth, and joy in our region. To date, modern mechanized plants have been built in Iran, but still a significant part of rosewater is produced in the traditional way. 44. Rose water is obtained from very fragrant species. It is used for perfume, as well as health tonics, and beauty elixirs. Every year during the second half of May, festival of Rose and Rose Water is being held in Kashan. "We put 30 kilograms of rose into these pots and add 50 litres of water to it. Persian Cookies Ghotab Heghine. In early May, the air is literally filled with the fragrance of roses. In terms of scent and quality, this rose water is the best in the world. rose water, baking powder, large eggs, lemon juice, ground cardamom and 14 more. They have the powerful smell of unique flowers in the region of Ghamsar. Rose water is a flavoured water made by steeping rose petals in water. I am now sixty-five and the roses have been a part of my life all of these years. Since ancient times, Persian beauties used rose oil and essence for softening and moisturizing dry skin. Rose water is made with a particular species named the” mohammadi rose “. We are facing a water shortage during this season, and roses are a good choice because they require little water and really prosper in our climate. The entire distillation process takes about 4 hours, and as a result they get 40 liters of rosewater out of 30 kg of flowers. The season for collecting roses and producing rosewater starts from early May to mid-June. Damask rose is widely applied in pharmaceutical and perfumery industries. One of the most valuable varieties is the Damascus Rose, also known as Mohammadi Rose. The ancient cities of Kashan and Qamsar are among the leading centers for the production of rosewater in Iran. Rose water is often used as a perfume, though it also has many medicinal … It is often used as a perfume. Rose water is distilled water of roses, made by steam distillation which smells heavenly and tastes delicious. Rose has anti-inflammatory properties. It is often used as a perfume. Ghaffari — Roses are a flower crop that has a volatile fragrance. The roses are cultivated near Kashan, Iran by traditional farming and double-fired copper distillation methods, producing the highest quality rose water in the world. Rose water Season in Iran Iran Visa – Blog: Golab and Rose water is scented water made with rose has a very amazing smell with a lot of is frequently used in Iranian sweets such as Halva ,baklava ,also it has vitamin A and C and some of famous beauty brand have used in their pharmacol and cosmetic products. In general, the village is synonymous with the Mohammadi rose flower. It is effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases, as well as bleeding and inflammation of the oral cavity. Rosewater in Iran: Rosewater Use in Medicine. Mohammadi Rose (Damask Rose) flower is the most famous Rose flower in the world. Rose water is widely used not only in medicine, but also in cosmetology. Qamsar is one of Iran’s main producers of rose water, an ingredient that flavors and aromatizes ice cream, baklava, rice pudding, and many other dishes in … The quality and purity of the rose water continue to draw the attention of European and American customers. Rose water extraction has a long history. Rose water is obtained from very fragrant species. SOUNDBITE: (Farsi) Mohammad Namazifar, Director of Golazin Co. "Unfortunately during the period when Iran was under sanctions, importers of Iran's rose water avoided buying our product and looked for new producers such as Turkey. The production of rosewater in Iran has a long history of more than 2500 years. And when you use it to cook, the dish will carry the fragrance of the flowers. Moshen Ghaffari was born into the tradition of Mohammadi rose water production in the Iranian village of Qamsar, near the town of Kashan.

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