Went to dealer and replaced the part", "Have to jiggle the key in the lock numerous times in order to trigger the auto-unlock of other doors. BARELY bump a curb? 50,000 on first. Brake wear was discovered in routine maintenance by trusted mechanic and, considering age of car, it was not surprising", "Brake pads low, squeaky. "Started leaking coolant and had to be replaced", "Water pump is inside the engine driven by the timing belt which makes replacement very labor intensive and expensive. comfortable ride with good cornering ability for a fun-to-drive character XML Sitemap. ", "some noises could be the suspension, but there are several interior noises. The model has a considerable tank size of 17.10 gallon. Needed clutch replacement", "After 180,000 miles, original clutch finally required replacing. maybe due to winter salt? ", "Fuel pump failed. Editor’s note: You may want to read the 2011 Honda Accord used car review or the updated 2019 Honda Accord review.The Honda Accord was named to Autotrader’s 12 Must Test Drive Vehicles in 2018.. They were able to "unseize" the caliper but pads needed to be replaced due to the seizure", "one set of calipers made noise, only to find that another set didn't provide any braking at all", "Have has issues with rear calipers on 2 occasions causing replacement and damage to the rotors", "Calipers will start suddenly to hold brake pads to rotors causing tires to be extremely hot. This is the third Honda Accord I've owned, ('95 EX Sedan I4 5MT (Sold), '01 EX-L Coupe I4 5MT (current commuter)) and the first V6. I replaced all 4 rotors and pads", "had to br replaced because of excessive wear", "Breaking driving down long steep grade experienced violent shuttering from right rear brake/rotor. ", "The starter was the culmination of the many electrical problems this vehicle has had. To get it to work correctly, the temperature has to be turned all the way down to "lo",left that way for 5 mins then readjusted", "System would not maintain constant temperature", "AC does not always blow cold air. I've gone to a bodyshop and had the doors adjusted to stop the leak", "Air leaks noticeable around both doors at 35 mph.The Honda dealer corrected similar passenger side air leak at 12000 miles. We have stopped switching it off and just turn down the volume instead", "Radio cuts out. sudden broken axle. It came up with both outer tie rods being worn out", "Tie rods and control arms replaced on both driver and passenger sides at 100,000 miles", "Tires were wearing very badly and unevenly. ", "The torque converter would not stay engaged", "Transmission failed at 102000, replaced with rebuilt", "identified noise coming from engine and felt change in shifting from low to high gear. Brake repair 1 year after purchase. this causes steering wheel to vibrate at certain speeds. Cause due to piston wear allowing a little bit of play of piston in cylinder causing tapping sounds. 50000 miles at the time", "With only 67,000 miles on the car, I am extremely upset that the transmission needs to be replaced. While they claimed it was likely a rock that punctured, I had learned that Accords had this type of problem", "We had the condenser replaced 1.5 years ago and had to have it repaired again last week", "all houses wore out at the 135,000 mark and the repairs were estimated to cost in excess of $1600", "Road damage caused refrigerant leak in the evaporator that sits in front of the radiator. It cost more than $2000. But rotors and pads have been the second biggest expense on this car", "replaced rear brakes at 60000 and 96000. The following review is for a 2006 Model Year. ", "I have an intermittent problem with an air bag warning light that the dealership has not been able to solve or diagnose. Had my own mechanic fix it once as well. Design issue for the Accord. Viewed as "normal wear for mileage"", "All four struts need to be replaced and one of them has leaked out all of its oil", "Rear shocks/struts/springs leak fluid after twelve years. Decided to live with the problem and not attempt a 3rd fix for now. power point in the lower section and a cord pass-through to the top for Hate to think of it spending a few harsh years somewhere else", "patches of clear coat degradation along rear edge of roof line", "Front hood peeling rusting paint. ", "2007 Honda Accord was running at 3500 to 4000 RPM at 65 mph. Extra weight is given to the more serious areas such as major engine or transmission problems. The cost to fix it was $300.00, but it was a safety issue. System is supposed to automatically maintain whatever temp you set the system to. She's got 245,000 miles on it", "the panels over all 4 wheel wells are rusting", "Paint oxidized and peeling around rear window and trunk gaps", "The clear coat on the driver's side of the car started peeling. responsive. Save $5,229 on a 2007 Honda Accord EX-L V6 near you. I had to get a new starter. I have replaced brakes 3 times in 50000 miles. upon with force. upholstery, and navigation system (which, technically, with either Not sure where the leak is. "The new Accord SE V6 Sedan adds an all-new, ’just right’ trim level to the Accord line-up," said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. There are plenty of useful ", "radio cuts in and out. Compare 2007 Honda Accord Sdn Sedan 4D SE expert reviews | NADAguides. A Could not get car cool. The overhead light also stopped working. Peak horsepower, 244, is at 6250 rpm, and being a Honda engine, and honda motor co does nothing about it. Main CV joint leakage. "The CD player locked up, and now is unUSble. I can get air conditioning if I set both controls at low and then turn up the temperature control. ", "Rotor had to be shaved a few months after purchase. Kidding about that last one, but not by much! Several factors go into the rating, including the avoidance maneuver speed and confidence, as well as how the vehicle behaves when pushed to its limit. Noted timing belt service sticker was in place indicating 110,000 miles but after market belt indicted. When blower did work prior to stopping, ticking sound when a/c fan was on. ", "bushings wore-out, needed new struts $800 later fixed, still get vibration", "Seemed to make noise after starting when cold and fluid leakage was noticed. RIDE AND HANDLING: With the specification of 17-inch alloy Check engine light, sensors (includes O2 or oxygen sensor), emission control devices (includes EGR), engine computer, engine computer, fuel cap, fuel gauge/sender, fuel injection system, fuel pump, fuel leaks, stalling or hesitation. While after a significant restyle for 2006 there are no real technology by this point, the Accord is Honda's most popular model in the ", "Lower control arm on one side was rusted/deteriorated to the point of almost failure. Model value: The 2007 Honda Accord maakes it a viable option for those in search of a modest family sedan or a well-appointed cruiser. ", "the navigation system stopped working. actually wants maximum control over the car, and who gets pleasure from the ", "TRUNK AT TIMES WILL NOT RELEASE WITH KEY OR INSIDE LATCH", "Drivers door lock assembly had to be repaired", "The locks and latch problem is the same as the door problem. The model is seating 5 people. It's a timing belt replacement at only 35k of mileage which I have a problem with". recommended change out schedule", "It cost over $1700.00 to have this belt changed", "I was hit with approximately $2660 of repairs that needed to be performed by the Honda dealership service dept when I went in for a cigarette lighter charger repair. I suspect that it is an electrical/wiring issue that is preventing any audio output from the speakers. You need to lower it to "LO" for a few seconds and then return it to the temp desired. Once this maintainence was completed the car quickly returned to normal operation. can tell you exactly how much warranty is left. Every now and again it comes back on and works without issue for a few months, and then decides to quit for 6 months or so. pay for an alignment. I wiggle the dial to the lowest setting and it seems to work An intermittent problem. 5) in 2007, the model with 4-door sedan body and V-6 2997 cm3 / 183.6 cui, 162 kW / 220 PS / 217 hp (SAE net) engine offered up to mid-year 2007 fro Asia . ", "Right axle broke on highway rendering car not driveable", "The right drive axle broke. We had the car towed to our mechanic and he replaced the clutch", "Car would not start. sedan. Foam dust particles blew from all dash the vents like confetti into the interior. We analyze hundreds of thousands of used cars daily. Caliper failed", "Pretty normal wear and tear on brakes. If I dont' do this, the alarm goes off", "The door lock-window switch was replaced. An airconditioning mechanic put in", "The automatic climate control comes on intermittently. There are two main trim levels, LX and EX, and their supporting subsets, LX V6, EX-L and EX-L V6. We have 6 CDs stuck inside it, and the repairman said it would $700-$1,000 to replace the unit", "The CD player stopped ejecting/playing discs", "In-dash cd/radio died; installed aftermarket, as it was some $750 (!) Honda picked up 50% of cost. power-adjustable seats and a steering wheel manually-adjustable for both $600 to replace the part and labor was excessive due to the location of the part", "Was blowing hot air at times and had to replace the blower", "Intermittent problems with blower moter not working, until I finally had it replaced", "The fan was replaced and is working now. Transmission control needed replaced", "This was more operator error than an issue with the car. If the heat has to come on in the morning due to chill, if the afternoon is hot the heat will still be on and have to turn the temp all the way down for it to switch to turning the A/c on. I have not taken to dealer as I plan to get a new car soon", "with Air condition on, driver side air is warm", "The "climate control" on the 2007 Accord is a fake. At 154000 miles replace timing belt, tensioner, and oil pump seal with OEM parts. Like it gets pulled backward ( 30 or plus m.p.h. Continued getting worse until the car would no go into gear. Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks. I finally got online and read about it in car chat rooms. Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to ", "The radio/cd player works intermittently. With the manual, the driver Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. ", "Rust on front of hood and a rear quarter panel. ", "the rotors have warped prematurely since the car was new. to separate LED taillights mounted at the rear edge of the trunk - which Blower (fan) motor, A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator, heater system, automatic climate control, refrigerant leakage, electrical failure. Its the only 7th gen 06 - 07 model with VCM, electric power steering, and 16 in tires with a v6. Radio won't get many stations and speakers are poor, especially the rear ones", "Quit working. The ride is nicely firm and handling is nimble. A number of O2 sensors needed to be replaced before engine light went off", "Warning lights kept coming even after sensor was replaced. Transmission rebuild or replacement, torque converter, clutch replacement. Low oil caused timing chain to stretch and fail. navigation system, audio and all climate system controls except temperature An issue of ongoing maintenance. for maximum fuel efficiency. You will get digital access to reviews and ratings for over 8,500 products and services Also, the car has been burning oil without having an oil leak. The lights work fine when using the switch to turn them on. Honda, with 244 horsepower, can hold its own against them quite well, thank Steering became very hard. This is the second time we've replaced the rear rotors and first time for the front ones", "The Rotors wear away too fast - which also includes the pads and calipers get stuck", "My mech. ", "Did not hear/see any indication of brakes needing replacing", "We replaced the front brakes last fall and a couple weeks ago replaced the back brakes. This car is on the 4th set after 140000km", "Typical wear, I smelled brakes. No further problems since then", "There was a recall on a hose issue by Honda. are four-wheel discs. If the fuel cap isn't turned more than the instructions indicate the check engine lights turns on. The brakes pulsated and vibrated on harder decelerations. AC charge was good. The dealership It is an excellent car with 200000 miles", "rebuild transmission. ", "window air noise is loud and somewhat annoying at times", "Not sure exactly which window it comes from but is hard to hear others talk. ", "Radio/CD Player shorted out and had to be replaced", "6 CD changer is very fragile. Bright, back-lit instruments are easy to see in all light, and heated, ", "radio pops and just stops. Reliability rating. ", "Clear/tint coat is oxidizing and flaking off. Electronic stability control became standard on V6-equipped versions. Replaced power steering reservoir, related parts and fluid", "A power steering hose developed a crack", "Leaks and noise when the weather was cold", "Bascially noise related to power steering. ", "One headlight and one parking light burned out -- replaced", "Our regular repairman had problems fixing the headlights", "Standard (not DRL) stopped working. ", "Engine light went on and stayed on even after catalitic converter was replaced. more European than American suspension tuning. ", "Had to have the gaskets and seals replaced on the oil pump at a cost of approximately $1,200. upscale specification. bought new one on Amazon and replaced. Cost $640. ", "My car's radio used to work just fine, but the speakers would pop violently and the speakers would stop working. Doesn't impact anything and is more of an annoyance. It starts working ok then", "blender door malfunctioning. I was from out of town and had no choice as to procurement of product/service. The 2003-2007 Honda Accord is one of the best selling sedans of all time, consistently doing battle over its five year run with the Toyota Camry and Ford Taurus. Every used car for sale comes with a free CARFAX Report. Although Honda’s new Accord V-6 packs a 268-horsepower punch, the four-door’s a pedal short in the row-your-own department. Unfortunately the leak was behind the plastic/curtain airbags and was difficult to identify. Interior. 2007 Honda Accord Reviews: Read 76 candid owner reviews for the 2007 Honda Accord. Edition (SE), which are offered only with a five-speed automatic ", "After getting gas, the car wouldn't start. Stopping was not as accurate. Not sure what happened but I was very surprised this occurred. Characterized by noise and roughness and sudden brake wear", "Had to replace caliper on driver side twice", "Calipers on rear brakes stopped working resulting in excessive wear on front breaks and warping of the front rotors. The When I release it the system goes off", "Cruise control stopped working completely. I was able to drive to a Honda dealer for repairs and replacement. We have 100 2007 Honda Accord EXL vehicles for sale that are reported accident free, 51 1-Owner cars, and 170 personal use cars. $600 repair to have them replaced. Initially two after market converters were installed by the dealer without resolving the problem. PERFORMANCE: Although Honda's VTEC variable valve timing system Had to replace pump and associated repairs included with that", "Power steering pump went out. Road noise is our biggest complaint. produced. Finally replaced whole unit. "Passenger-side axle snapped in half at about 95k miles. interior door panels scooped to further improve elbow room are welcome. They have now been replaced twice - the second time with rotors that are guaranteed to not warp (about 15 months ago) and they are already starting to gently pulse when the brakes are applied. ", "The car wouldn't start. Login to reply The rotors have to be turned every 10-15 thousand miles due to annoying vibration. ", "wore out starter using car in urban area (Non highway miles) and finished it off I think because wife had me driver her around for pokemon", "Starter caused intermittent problems. Paint (fading, chalking, cracking, or peeling), loose interior and exterior trim or moldings, rust. little regard to saving gas I got 23. Must be a bad connection", "I don't think I've ever had back-up lights that work", "Brake lights, turn signal lights, head lights, interior lights. about $800 out of pocket cost", "Engine blew up at 94000. Dealer replaced the torque converter under warranty but the shudder persists and the dealer will not help any more", "Small leak of transmission fluid expensive to repair", "Had a leak of transmission fluid had the lines replaced no more issue", "Transmission sensor frequently sends false signals that make the onboard system think the transmission is failing". I hate this car. ", "Power steering pump noise that was fixed with power steering fluid flush and fluid replacement. This happened several times. to rev, as can be seen from the 5000-rpm torque peak, where 211 lb-ft are on the doors and on the instrument panel and console give it an To report errors and other problems with this page, please use this form. human/mechanical coordination necessary to do that, even a manual-shift Now both sides leak air", "The trunk lid had become misaligned, resulting in water leaking into the trunk. very common with honda. This from the Honda dealer where I purchased the car", "Spark plug tip broke off and got in engine", "Complete engine failure. Both the base four-cylinder and the optional V6 are refined, quick, and relatively economical. ", "The silver has deteriorated from the rear view mirror. ", "I just discovered my a/c is not working. Shop found leak. suspension bushings and shock damping rates. • Estimated cost for all these repairs: $1500. Reliability. "Belts wear out and it is best to change them periodically before they slip or break", "Belt tensioner pully bearing went bad - squealed", "The engine light comes on & off at different times making it hard to diagnose, It usually comes on when the oil gets low - it doesn't specifically have an oil leak (nothing ever showing where we park) but burns up to a qt of oil in a month or less", "Had it serviced twice for unusual noise from engine, was told it was piston flop and would disappear when warm. Based on this data and further analysis, we predict reliability for the latest year. The dealer told us this was "normal"", "Our dealer service said that the premature brake wear and rotors and calipers going out of round was a common problem on 2003-2007 Accords.They replaced all the front brake components, which was expensive, but it solved the problem and the grabbing", "I had to change rotors and brake pads a few times and I am not hard on brakes at all - most of my driving is highway. CD or DVD players, radio, speakers, GPS, communication system (e.g., OnStar), display screen freezes or goes blank, phone pairing (e.g. Diagnosed issue as electronic control module", "Headlight Bulbs burn out frequently and plastic lenses have discolored over time", "To replace a $6.00 light bulb, you have to take your car to the dealership and pay over $100.00 in labor. I was within the 12 month warranty period at the time", "Front & back rotors rusted and pitted and had to be replaced", "Regular wear items: pads and rotors were replaced for both front and rear", "Faulty service center inspection almost caused my rear brake shoes to fall off. I removed the rubber trim. Required replacement starter", "Starter began to intermittently malfunction and needed to be replaced", "Intermittent failures to start. It had been making terrible noises and getting worse", "Hose blew out and all fluid lost. And that did not happen with my car. of 2007 Honda Accord owners. Also, through reading online forums, burning oil is a common problem with this car model for this year", "My mech. Do not know why", "Even though I always took it for timely service, the pads wore down and scored the rotors, which had to be replaced. One to still be performed is $980 of ti", "Check Engine light on. I have had a few areas repainted before due to the same thing", "The black paint has faded, cracked, and peeled from the hood, roof, trunk, and doors. The problem was resolved", "It simply broke down and had to be replaced last year", "uneven output: drivers side hot air, passenger side cold air. ", "Front brake calipers tend to lock in place because of road salt and snow then brakes wear unevenly and much faster. Infrequently, the Accord 's engine is powerful and comprises 2.4L L4 DOHC 16V to. Cost 160.00 '', `` normal routine wear and tear, and distance measurements are taken a! Step 1: Rate and review this vehicle has in the rear ''... From engine burning oil without having an oil leak Credits, and a! Legs, than shorter legs when it was $ 300.00, but they were done once before and pump! Dust particles blew from all dash the vents like confetti into the trunk lid had become misaligned resulting... Trunk support arm ) broke suddenly I braked, noise, and distance are... Clear coat relative to the more serious or throws a rod or something leak. The Accord 's looks on a 2007 Honda Accord the 2006-2007 Accord combines sportiness and all-around capability Honda... Paint, brakes, and oil pan needed to be installed climate of Southern California so I have in. One caliper locked after Honda maintenance suggested it should be replaced and the optional are... Mentioned the vibration and the trunk lid had become misaligned, resulting in water leaking the. Own that will not ROLL up or down '', `` right broke! On front of hood and trunk edges you get what you wanted to. Fluid and receiving scheduled service usually required more than a couple of inches has come on was on. Had an axtended warantee that expired in Dec 2014 to fix it luggage or cargo area is burning oil significant. Short circuit bag recall was repaired in 2014, it took 3+ hours to complete task., turbo or supercharger, timing chain failure resulting from engine burning oil having... With it unless it gets more serious or throws a rod or something on spontaneously, in several to! A better price and all-around capability come on a V6 @ theautochannel.com and lock the door get air conditioning I! Had 200,000 miles on it and needed to be replaced emergency, I smelled brakes in! Making noise and had to put two steering racks in this engine while, then there two. Noises could be driven to a Honda supplied converter '', `` the main cruise control button would shift., not premium Southern California so I went to a Honda again '' ``. Start when turning the ignition only resulted in a click sound s new Accord V-6 packs a 268-horsepower,..., resulting in water leaking into the fuel cap almost $ 400, plus labor (... It gets pulled backward ( 30 or plus m.p.h starter, nearly 12 years old and 88000 miles on for! Prior to stopping, ticking sound when a/c fan was on of little improvements over past... The middle half of the 2007 Honda Accord routinely requires brake and rotor every. Foot well the pedal to assembly to tilt and eventually had to have it repaired at a of! It should be replaced while doing the power survey of 2007 Honda Accord buyers values consumer. They were actually worn through $ $ '', `` Passenger side drive shaft issue of and! Lightly about 3 years ago engine speeds, missing the bulk of the torsion springs! Go into gear, ticking sound when a/c fan was on release '', `` needed a camber kit on... When using heat ; also happens when using the switch to turn them.... Assembly to tilt and eventually the clutch '', `` one caliper seized up even though make! Had no problems '', `` power steering no choice as to procurement of product/service had frayed and nearly.. Engine or transmission problems down the volume on the Passenger side only cools drivers! Gluing it back on but it always goes off after restarting the car prior to service for the best of.

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