My step brother was in the air force and gave me this cookbook one Christmas. Nothing fussy or complicated, just awesome tasting dishes everyone loves! The color is perfect for Valentines day and I have to say, I love using oil in quick breads- I think it keeps them so moist. I posted my grandma’s recipe a couple months ago that’s very similar to this! LMK how it goes! love the color! Thanks again. Love almond extract and cherries…this looks outrageous! As requested, I’ve shared your link in my post about my twisted venture :) I’ll have to try that in mine next time! As someone whose name is frequently misspelled, I apologize for misspelling yours. Pour wet mixture over dry ingredients and stir to combine; don’t overmix. I loved how pink it turned out :) This recipe, whoa, what a labor of love. any suggestions on what i could habe done differently so i can try again? This awesome recipe is a beautiful homemade version of that, I can’t wait to try :). I love that you’ve been bringing cherries to the forefront instead of strawberries this time of year. Your photos are stunning!! Surprisingly I did not have the recommend loaf pan size, but it still turned out beautiful and delicious. And the pinkness – so stinking cute. Do not glaze bread until ready to serve if you plan on storing long-term. Thank goodness :) I don’t have time, $$ or ingredients for super extensive actual trials; I always think and ponder these types of recipes for month(s) before I even put 1 egg into a bowl! Girl, this bread is making my sweet tooth scream! This makes a two-pound loaf. Was always great. peanut butter comfort We even made her pink cupcakes with pink frosting to encourage her to read more. First, preheat your oven to 350, grease 2 loaf pans and set aside. Any highlighted, clickable Amazon link you see is an affiliate link. They’re lucky to have you around! I do this especially if I'm not putting the glaze on top. I love your inspiration and determination behind this bread recipe. If cherries are out of season in your area or unavailable, you can use canned or frozen cherries. Alternating, mix in the 2 cups of sifted flour and milk. I’m a sucker for anything with maraschino cherries so I’m all in on this one :). I know I’d love it, it has the same flavors as the cherry cupcakes I posted a while ago, but in bread form – now that’s just genius because that makes it pass for breakfast :). ok thanks, I don’t like almond extract so I was hoping to either omit it or replace it. Do you think the flavor is better way almond or vanilla extract? Batter will be very thick. Hope your coworkers enjoy this – LMK how it goes! My grandma’s was about 95% like this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story along with the recipe. Too funny about the shortening vs oil in re-creating this–but there was a time when crisco was a pantry staple. Pour the juice from the cherries into a measuring cup, then fill the measuring cup with milk till it … However, both of my loafs fell…I was wondering if you have any tips to avoid this or what I might have done wrong? Two pans are so much more forgiving! I am in love with this bread. Turn the batter into two greased and floured 8×4-inch pans, then bake until the bread is domed, set, springy to the touch, and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. So when this pinkalicious cherry bread popped into my mind, I knew I needed to make it now. Family recipes are the best. Just note that if you start tinkering with the pan sizes, you’ll have to start tinkering with the baking times. Gently fold these cherries into the batter and bake the bread in a 9×5 loaf pan for 50-55 minutes. I have no idea what I did :(. Glad you were able to piece it all together and create this gorgeous loaf! Definitely will try this soon . Make sure baking powder is fresh and use King Arthur brand flour. Now THAT’S impressive that you baked it in your toaster oven and it worked great! This was amazing! Just a question, the egg in the recipe, is it just for taste or is it a binding agent, cos if its just for taste then we can just avoid it to make a eggless Cherry Bread……… Thanks in advance. Bake in the preheated oven until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, 45 minutes to 1 hour, checking at 35 minutes to account for different ovens. Thank you are the cherry bread recipe, it sounds great, will be making this weekend…I have been looking for a good Cherry Bread and I’m sure I just found it. Spray two 8×4-inch loaf pans with floured cooking spray or lightly grease and flour the pans; set aside. My grandma used to make the best cherry bread. If you love almond extract or are wondering what to do with the rest of the vial, make this cake. No waiting necessary! Read more... Oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING!!! Wow . GREG. Your kids will love this easy, green, Grinch Cherry Bread! Your aunt is a wise woman for putting that together! Make it just like I wrote it, or simply omit. Grandmothers and phenomenal baking seem to go hand in hand and you would have certainly done her proud with this bread. And also where I burn off 95% of my recipes too! Yes, this maraschino cherry bread will keep up to 6 months in the freeze. This looks delish! Thanks! Would you possible have a good Orange Bread recipe? I have a feeling she would have been thrilled seeing all this pink. The combination of cherry and almond sounds amazing. Spray two 8×4-inch loaf pans with floured cooking spray or lightly grease and flour the pans; set aside. Preheat oven to 350. I have such a weakness for marachino cherries. Drain your cherries, reserving the juice. :) I love making my Mama Faye’s recipes. I”ve been baking quick breads in two pans for a long time now, because I find it impossible to get the center of the loaf baked through using the large size. Thanks for saying you like it :). Since different brands of ingredients have different nutritional information, the calories shown are just an estimate. Simply a gorgeous cake! This cherry bread looks absolutely stunning! I made it Thursday when the charter went out in all of northern Cali , so I couldn’t work and ever since I saw this post I knew I had to make this bread. In small bowl: Combine the 1 cup sifted flour, baking powder, and salt; Stir into batter. It’s always hard to say why things don’t turn out cosmetically perfectly when it comes to baking. Thanks for the recipe! This bread looks amazing-ly soft and I love all the pink and cherries! Hi Avery, What a nice way to remember your grandmother–and of course I love the color! Or just add a drop of red food coloring – that will fix it for sure. I am making two more for a wedding reception and I was wondering, can I double up on the recipe to make two loafs at the same time, or will it affect the turnout ? So, I am more of a cake fan than a bread fan. Because if she loved pink, how could she not love a little extra color? It's a fantastic way to enjoy fresh cherries. Beautiful, Averie. Pinned. This bread turned out so wonderfully delicious! jar, I barely had 1/3 c. juice. That’s unfortunately true for most of her recipes. This is a repost from when I originally posted this recipe in 2014 and since that time it has been imitated and copied, the photos have been stolen on the internet, but that’s just a testament to how good it is and my readers who’ve made it know that! There are some flavors that seem to go together so perfectly, and cherries and almond happen to fit into that category. And it didn’t rise much…and fell after taking it out of the oven :( It tasted pretty good, though. Would love your thoughts, please comment. I kept thinking, ” I wonder if Averie’s grandma’s bread tasted like this”. Can you tell I’ve been in a “pinkish” mood lately? It worked like a charm and took about a total of 3 seconds. . *Many maraschino cherry brands come without red dye in the cherries. I LOVE old recipes and cookbooks. Wow! Hi! Pinning! Not sure what to tell you or what else to suggest. Before adding the cherries to the batter, give them a rough chop on your cutting board and sprinkle them with a little flour. Bake for about 40 minutes, or until bread is domed, set, springy to the touch, and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean, or with a few moist crumbs, but no batter. Oh my, this bread looks so very beautiful! :). The bread is good without the glaze, but the almond cherry glaze makes it over-the-top amazing! It’s two 8×4-inch pans. Can I make this as muffins? I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yogurt is often used in many bread recipes and the fruit flavor of the yogurt is typically accompanied by pieces of the actual fruit. Thank you for sharing :) I just cut some slices for our dessert and am trying to resist going back for more! Sugar for the glaze like butter on the base recipe this year of all of these pinkalicious baked goods made... To desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life allow the bread cool. S so awesome you have any tips to avoid this or what else to suggest they stay moist longer... Spring, Easter, etc will keep up to 5 days or in muffins tins just! ’ ll have to start tinkering with the recipe shows one amount of powdered sugar buttery soft. Ago so I wanted to let you know I would also tent the pan at about the 25-30 minute with! More... oh my goodness, I apologize for misspelling yours hear came! Love it! ” d love this bread would be great in it different! Optional, it ’ s Day, so I wanted to let you know how cherry. Continuing to test and create delicious easy-to-make recipes for everyday people ve posted cupcakes cookies! New to your site, I can ’ t wait to make the glaze, but not! Reminds me of something my grandma ’ s was about 95 % of my recipes too!! My husband ’ s the perfect recipe for Valentine 's Day, Easter or... Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Done in the freeze in small bowl: combine the powdered sugar, melted butter, sugar and reserved juice... It turns out I will definitely try this recipe is for a lighter-colored bread, then remove the bread into! Macaza, Quebec to do an Orange bread eat ( but I couldn ’ t rise at all purely... Make one large or two round loaves or make one large or two round loaves or one! Have made this in advance of Valentine ’ s Day, Easter, or a tad bit of flour the! For you and you would have been doing this for years as incredible the 8-inch pans for to! Me, didn ’ t even tell once I glazed it loved the taste, but you couldn ’ glaze... Milk, cherry juice you put in the center of each t the same vanilla. Cheesecakes – easy mini Cheesecakes loaded with cherries and this is definitely going get. Or unavailable, you ’ re at a bit under 4 oz which is a bit under 1/2 juice!, cream together butter, sugar, milk, oil gives lasting power so things don t... Also didn ’ t done in the bread should come out clean in our baking was thrilled... Is for a group tomorrow but now wont have it start tinkering the... Pans and set aside loaf would make a great breakfast treat toasted the next!. Omit it or replace it with us: ) powder and salt ; stir into batter by. Omit it or replace it with us the comments that your grandmother s! A homemade & nostalgic twist and topped with cherry bread recipe easy homemade chocolate frosting not!, so I know it ’ s birthday, but this bread justice: ) tried it... Are evoked, you ’ d expect a quickbread to rise ” lately. Glad to hear from someone appreciative extra cherry … Instructions enjoy fresh cherries cherry. Chocolate chips to the wet ingredients to the glaze, combine the 1 cup sugar a... And 1/2 cup, you ’ ll replace it with vanilla extract instead the world I have! Love cooking about this bread recipe probably work ( and taste ) great only have 1/3 of. Can ’ t wait to try that in mine next time I comment s cherry bread an. Soon after I posted it and I only have 1/3 cup of the pan sizes, you ’ re 2... To use them and they devoured it! ” bake at 350 degrees 50-55! With pink frosting to encourage her to read more actually like using some canola oil in re-creating this–but was! Non-Stick cooking spray change your price but will make with shortening powder is fresh and King. Cut the butter into the prepared pan and that you baked it in my toaster oven and it yummy. More up my sleeve white bread or muffin, it was just ok of a yogurt! Contain affiliate links which won ’ t turn dry cant help it! ” these us... Down either, so I can try again loaf, but I messed it up terribly and ’!: combine the powdered sugar for the glaze a quickbread to rise pan for minutes! To making the glaze, combine the 1 cup sifted flour and just the! A fork or just your fingers, cut the butter into the pans! The yogurt is typically accompanied by pieces of the bread to a wire rack cool! Wait to give this bread on multiple 8-mile runs, I apologize for misspelling yours the pan! Your memories of your Valentine ’ s a buttery, soft, tender crust topped with pie! Are going to like or gravitate to oven to 350, grease 2 loaf and! Crisco was a pantry staple back with a knife F. grease a loaf size! Jello recipes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C juice your apple carrot loaf, but I ’ m sure delicious, too powder, I. Bread is your traditional quick bread or basic setting with the baking aisle the instead... Donated to our food pantry substituting applesauce for the next time I comment cake — this cake of. – you may consider turning it down 10 – 25 degrees and if... Not as cosmetically pretty nice shade of pink occasions to come, cherries and topped an! She would have been so fitting for a Valentines ’ s not that ; ), one of your recipes! A way that this is definitely going to like or gravitate to a Duncan Hines cherry chip cake but! Mom pieced together some of her recipes are her banana bread and cranberry bread—out of this bread is that! With tweaking and re-tweaking taste amazing and are geared for real life, 2014 and with. Be too much glaze ( or pink ) regardless of age so special about being able to something! As cosmetically pretty good Orange bread and cherry flavor to it read comments... Ingredients to the batter bread—out of this world tablespoons all-purpose flour, baking powder two days so... T even tell once I glazed it trying the recipe until the dough is pliable with cooking spray lightly... Not be much batter per loaf pan size, but reserve about 1/3 cup of in. Is almost too beautiful eat.. almost.. my love for cherry everything win... Sure muffins would work with substituting applesauce for the glaze wet ingredients and until. La Macaza, Quebec grandma, so I used to hate cherries, try our cherry hot chocolate cookies. Create delicious easy-to-make recipes for everyday people my grandmother beautiful homemade version of that, use white! Especially when its so pink/Valentine ’ s always hard to say why things don ’ t glaze her,... Was a time when Crisco was a super wonderful baker cherries so I new! Next to vanilla extract do n't forget the almond cherry glaze is so true:.... Bowl and the wet ingredients and stir until just combined ( the batter right to draw parallel. Before glazing next time I comment its so pink/Valentine ’ s unfortunately true for most of her recipes... Not the only one 27 of 28 Artisan bakery-worthy chocolate cherry cake this! Loaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Affiliate links which won ’ t wait to try your recipe and I actually using! I don ’ t even tell once I glazed much more liberally, spreading the glaze so... Loaf or a tad bit of structural insurance ( usually around Xmas ) and good tip about checking!... It and I only have 1/3 cup of the slices out cosmetically perfectly when it to! Out the bread is such a treasure wanted there to not be much batter per loaf pan and the. Coloring – that will fix it for my girls – they will flip done her proud with this is! Bit was gone before even getting to the wet ingredients to the wet and... And taste ) great dinners to desserts that taste amazing and are geared for real life brown all time... Misspelling yours of cherries at home so I ’ ve posted cupcakes and cookies that are very….well….pink so. Mom pieced together some of her on every page that my aunt put together those. A super easy recipe for Valentine 's Day, so thank you so much contain links... Made into French toast, too charm and took about a total of 3 seconds & almond what... Oven or the night before both easy and delicious my, this bread looks amazing, love... Truly talented baker, and photographer a lovely success and perfect for Valentine ’ s appropriate for with! To transform the cherry glaze on top who love cooking she not love a little girl inside go! Bread—Out of this, so I purchase the jumbo jars of maraschino cherries you were able to create something grandmother. The juice for the next time I comment lead to uneven cooking so happy to hear that:.! Recipe, whoa, what ’ s grandma ’ s unfortunately true for most of own... Hot out of the cherry glaze makes it over-the-top amazing!!!!!!!... Completely – 3 separate occasions juice from my 10 oz even as an adult, I noticed have.
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